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Thursday, 12 January 2012


After checking out lots of other blogs i am in awe at some of them, i'm still trying to work out how to add pictures and get other sections to this one. I have to admit i am not very technically minded. I guess i will learn eventually.
Today i have finally got into the garden and planted my onion bulbs. So late? Some may say... yes because is so nice in november and then dec was spent sorting my sons birthday and me being ill for the most part, and then of course all stops for chirstmas. So they are finally in and marked out. It took me almost an hour and i didn't get that many in. I tried to sort my strawberry's out- You see i moved last summer so they spent the year in pots, now i want them in a sunny patch in the border, but after the onion it was too much for me. I had jelly legs and my back was awful. Rest time it was, i spent that looking at blogs to get an idea of how others have layed theirs out. That leads me full circle to the start of this.
I am now awaiting the children and wondering how their day has been. Also what shall we do for dinner, and i really should have got more done today.
I never got the overlocker sorted and will have to persever with my stuff on the normal sewing machine, not ideal, but needs must. The nets have been waiting since July.
You might be thinking what has the photo got to do wiht the blog. Well nothing really i just felt like adding a summer picture to this dreary day. This is The beach not far form my house. I can actually see the sea while sitting up in bed with a cuppa. Its a wonderful view.

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  1. I didn't know you could see the sea from your house! Fantastic photo by the way. Hope you have recovered from your green fingered day!