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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Sutleress

I thought it was probably about time i explained the title i have given myself. Lots of people ask me what is a Sutleress, well there isn't a definitive answer in a dictionary.
In the 16th century she would have been the camp cook and wife/woman of the kitchen overseer in the Landsknecht army. These were Germany mercenaries, very flamboyantly dressed. They would have had slashes over their clothing and big feathers in their hats.
In the 18th and 19th century the sutleress would have supplied the soldiers with liqueur for a few coins, she may have been involved with the food side of things.

A few years ago in our re-enactment group i got involved with our camp cooking and i ended up doing all the organising and planning of the meals. Over a weekend we feed the groups members eating with us breakfast lunch and dinner for both days. Someone gave me the nickname of Sutleress and it has stuck. Considering i had called myself History Fan for my actual blog it made sense to also use my historical name for everything else.

 This was a cold spread banquet i organised at one of our individual events.

This was a show where we cooked with 5 fires and did 5 different flavoured ravioli. All authentic recipes.

So that folks is a little insight into my interest in history. Although its not just the food. As i have said previously i make costume too, and love finding out about the daily lives. Just as well i love reading!


  1. The Tudor Discovery Day was great and I am glad you have Elizabeth I in the photo too! I also didn't know why you had called yourself that so I have learnt something new today!

  2. Very interesting. I am interested in the food people ate in years gone by also.