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Monday, 16 January 2012

Lovely day today

As a rule Mondays are normally not particularly nice, but in this case it was. Cleaner came as normal and we managed to get lots done together, the house looked not bad til the kids came home. Now it looks like we never touched it.
Anyway i digress. I then spent a lovely few hours with a very dear friend. She was my Volunteer carer for a couple of years until she went to do her MA at uni. Now we see her every so often and believe me its never enough. She's recently been very ill and being 9 hours drive away there was no way i could get to see her. All i could do is send Healing and text her regularly trying to cheer her up. But today i finally saw her and we had a long chance to catch up. I heard of all the nightmares that the hospital she was in caused, she heard about my mishaps, we had lunch together, and generally chatted. Then all to soon it was over and she had to go. As i hugged her goodbye i felt very emotional, it will be at least another month before we see her, and although that isn't very long in real terms,we are used to seeing her once a week for 4 hours and i miss her dreadfully. She has become part of the family. I have all of this thanks to the Young Carers in East Sussex.

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