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Saturday, 30 March 2013

So its supposed to be spring?

Mum has just reminded me the clocks go forward tonight. Its the sign of spring as we all know. So where has it gone then??? Certainly not here.

We even had a few flakes of snow here today. It has to be said it was fun because we were at a fun fair at the time. It was really far to cold to be there but Grumps and nanny gave some money for the children and i decided we should spend it on some time out. I couldn't afford Chessington or anywhere like that so this was next best thing. We were able to buy unlimited bands and had 3 hrs to go on as many rides as we wanted. We therefor did. I even managed to get son on one he has previously refused to try because of the height.

We decided because we're at a Dog show tomorrow (Easter Day) we would bring it forward by a day. The children were given their presents early and loved them. I don't buy Easter Eggs as i think they get enough from family so this year i got daughter a chin up bar (strange you may think) and son a LOTR lego set. Daughter has used the chin up bar to practise her gym on and is already swinging away with her legs straighter than before and her toes pointed. "Success!" i cry. She did ask for one after she saw a friends daughters one and had a go on it. Son set the lego up and placed it together with another set he had saved up for and bought and had a few hours left to play with it.

With the dogs bathed and ready for the show tomorrow all i can say is i hope tomorrow is a nice day and if at all possible that there is some semblance of spring in the air. If not we will be getting very cold in the show ring outside.

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