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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Another winner

Last night was "its a Knockout" at Ring craft. The short tale is that every dog gets a no and is then paired with another and judged against each other on movement, and form and behaviour. One is knocked out and the loser's handler judges the next pair. The winner from the former pair waits until all the pairs have been and the same starts again until there is only one pair left. Yoda and i have never got beyond the first round until last night.
Last night we got through i think 3 or 4 rounds until we were in the last pairing. Very nerve wracking as we were up against one of the clubs experienced handlers with his dog and the handler is also an experienced judges so has a distinct advantage. My heart leapt in my mouth and i expected to get no-where but thought i would use it as good experience and tried not to show my inexperience, especially as the man judging was also experienced as a handler.

You see correctly, to my huge surprise we were declared the winners!!!! A big round or applause and a huge well done from people and it sank in. I won the night. To make matters even more exciting the gentleman who hand declared us the winners was the 2008 Best in show winner at Crufts with his champion dog.
Can you believe it, this hugely experienced man who has shown at the most prestigious and famous dog show event in the world judged me a winner!!!!!

Yes i'm still very excited at that. This is another reason i was nervous, my friend had told me at the beginning of the evening who he was, and then i have him standing in front of me. now i'm not someone who gets starry eyed at someone famous, but this person i know has worked so hard to get that title, and i'm so impressed that he thought my Baby was good enough to recognise the work we've done. I really can't put into words what it means, but it makes me more determined to push forward and get that qualification for Crufts next year.

In other good news, Son took Max along for the first time and they did well. Max walked round the ring, showed his movement nicely and has given us a good idea on where we need to start working on his behaviour while out and about. He is amazing with other dogs and wasn't at all fazed by the amount of animals there. When not needing to be doing anything he sat or layed down quite happily and went to sleep. Son did so well and came away excited.

A good evening all round.

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