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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Joining the 21stCentury

I have been thinking for a while now that i am wasting lots of time while a gym 'watching' daughter. So i thought why not join what millions of others have done and "go mobile" with my laptop. Not easy with an actual laptop though since you need 3G or wireless. Since i don't have that capability and my mobile is to small in memory and screen size to do anything such as my blog or proper e-mails, i treated myself. Or rather my lovely mum did.
I am attempting to type this on my new android tablet! It takes some getting used to. At thispoint the space bar is really annopying me as i have to press it rather hard or in the exact center. I replied to a post on a blog i follow using the touch screen, but so far can't  decide which i prefer.

I will have a play around with it at gym and in other places, i will also attempt to add pictures using it at some point, but right now i will content myself with seeing how posting this goes

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