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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Whatever next?....

This question could mean so many things when you read it and start thinking, nut in this case its very simple.

Daughter went to the fair with her dad today. We went over the Easter weekend, but she's a real daredevil and loves all the rides. The faster the better as far as she's concerned.
She came bursting into the house all red cheeked and grasping a another addition to the family. "Sam" the goldfish. Thus called because it can be a girls name or boys. She put lots of thought into it.

We now have 3 mice, 2 dogs and the goldfish. In addition to this daughter is going to be getting a puppy from our close friend when she has another litter from one of her dogs. She wants to have a show dog of her own to train and use for Young Handler competitions. At least she takes her responsibilities of looking after animals very seriously.

Therefor the reason for my question Whatever next?
 I almost forgot to add the fox and wild birds who visit us every day. We will have a virtual zoo soon

C x


  1. and where are you going to put Sam?

    1. So far sam is in the kitchen. Eventually when i have put shelves by her bed sam will go there.