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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Parents Evening- I dread it

Parents evening is one of those nights i dread. I know what the teachers are going to say even before i get there so i wonder why i put myself through it. An hour minimum of sitting with lots of other parents hot and crowded with time running over and trying to catch up.

This time wasn't so bad, the teachers still said what i thought they would, but they were also very complimentary of son. Apparently he is a joy to teach according to his English teacher. He couldn't praise him enough. Vivid imagination for stories, contributes well in class, happy outgoing boy. Only downside is his handwriting.

I didn't see all the teachers as there were only a few subjects i was really bothered about. I was requested to see R.E, and dreaded that the most, as son is anti religion in any form, and doesn't bother with this subject. I needn't have worried, she was lovely, even made a point of telling me to remind son he doesn't have to believe. And to look at the subject as a study. Remove himself and take an outsiders point of view- why do so many people feel the need to believe in something. Homework is an issue as that lets him down, but again he contributes well in class and is polite.

The other subjects pretty much said the same. Good, polite boy, contributes well in class, has his own opinion and will share it. Has a tendency to talk lots and has to be stopped, but what he talk about is relevant.

The worst and regular comment was Homework! Something every child tends to dread. And son is no better than the rest. Comments varied from not handing in, to needing more content.

I have spoken to him on all of the points raised and despite some of them not being so positive i am very proud of him. He's had a tough year so far and he's doing well.

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