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Monday, 25 March 2013

New family addition

We have a new family addition. After our sad loss of Buddy the gorgeous cat, son was not doing very well. He was missing someone to talk to. So we decided to rescue another animal, this time we have Max.

 In the picture we also have a gorgeous Shelby. Max is a Shitzu and we were told he's 18 months. Having checked him out with breeder friends of mine she's thinking he's around 2-3. He has been moved around bless him.
We took him off a gentleman's hands as he was scared for his children, he had only had him 4 days and had cut mats out of him and cleaned him up. Had had done so to a degree, we had to sort him out some more after a bath and clip the mats out of his tail.

From what we understand the gentleman bought him as a companion to his female form a lady who was very timid and couldn't control him. I'm not sure what that meant since we have had no trouble so far. Yes he's a little possessive over his toy- but then you can tell its playful- he's wagging his tail the whole time and jumps away, showing you he wants you to chase him.
he's not keen on being groomed- but again, considering the matting in his fur, its no surprise.
And then we come to his feet. He has dew claws on his back paws and they are growing into his paws!! Yes its that bad. Whoever had him either didn't realise he had them on the back, or the lady was so timid that she never went near his feet. From what the gentleman was saying Max was in a state when he got him so i'm guessing the woman didn't really bother trying with him once he started to answer back.

Pretty much everyone knows that with all dogs you have to show who's the boss, if you don't they will rule you and you will have no control at all.

We don't back down to him, use a firm voice and my son is doing really well with handling him. He was a little jumpy at first when Max growled and snapped at him, but then having had the attack from a friends dog that's no surprise. Now they have bonded he is much stronger with him and cuddle together on the sofa and at night.

 More updates on the life of Max as he settles in with us as a family.



  1. Love Max. He just needs a family to look after him properly and he will be a lovely dog. It was obvious on Saturday night that he wants to be cuddled and fussed, he just isn't use to it. Plus if he is in pain no wonder he is a little bit grumpy. I have no doubt you will sort him out and he will be a very happy, loved and content little doggy. Really looking forward to seeing him again and hopefully getting more cuddles. xx

    1. We will get him sorted, he's on antibiotics after having his foot sorted, his ears done and now up to us to provide tender loving care.

  2. Oh he is gorgeous!!! Dogs are clever enough to know when someone isn't comfortable with them and it sounds like his previous owners displayed this in droves. He will most likely settle with you because you love him and are patient with him. All they really want is unconditional love, the same they give us.

    CJ x

    1. He is nmost definately my sons dog, he listens to him far more than me. This is ideally what i want, but he still listens to me enough to behave himself. He's found his forever home and we are determined to get the bad behaviour gone and introduce all the good behaviour we know he has inside.