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Monday, 19 November 2012

Update on the dog sitting

What a few days it has been and we're now half way through!

We've had some drama's and some laughs. The bad could have been really bad and the laughs have been down right funny.

for now I'm going to share some pictures of the doggies enjoying each others company.

The bad times we have had have been the two of them getting used to each other, and the fact that they are both jealous of each other. Whenever the other one wants to come near me, i play referee. Yoda is very protective of his mummy, and Marley is protective over his friend and they are not willing to share.
Over the last few days this has changed and they have warmed to each other to the point of playing. Its in a strange manner and needs supervision, but it works for them. Yoda is on the sofa and Marley is on the floor. I have videod it and its so very funny to watch, Marley is trying to be gentle but being so big he forgets and starts to jump on the sofa. Yoda just yaps away as he does when he plays with his sister and mum.
Playing outside is a great deal of fun, they both chase after the ball, and when Marley gets it, Yoda come running back before Marley can turn round. Its almost as though he knows once Marley does then he'll be squashed under the stamped.
Now they are both peacefully sleeping after their evening walk and play on the sofa/floor. Roll on tomorrow for another exciting day for them.


  1. I reckon the little doggie will rule the roost before long, that's usually the case!! So cute!

    CJ x

    1. Due to a horrible incident The big doggie went to another home before his owner returned from holiday, so all is back to normal. And Yes Little Yoda is trying to rule the roost. It is very hard to stay angry with him when he does something wrong because he is so cute and loving.