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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Book Review: Sarah Quanli by Jackson Keene


The beautiful yet deceitful Rossalyn McDonald had twisted the knife deep in David Adam MacDougall’s big heart. He was extraordinarily handsome: chiseled muscles, kindly soul, thoughtful personality, and totally faithful. Any other lass in his Scottish Highlands village would have cheated her own sister to become his bride.

Now David’s entire being felt broken into a thousand pieces. Now he only wanted to reach the faraway city of Beiping China where he was called to be a missionary. But before arriving in that mysterious mistress of the orient, he would face uncertain dangers.

The year is 1904. The bloody Boxer Rebellion is only four years past. Much of northern China still seethes with undercurrents of resentment and hatred of all things Western. If David can just make it to the ancient city with body and soul intact, if he can just survive, there he’ll find his new purpose, his new home, and his new people.

There, he’ll meet the woman he comes to believe is the love of his life. The lithe, athletic, saucy, highly intelligent and equally independent Xiu Li!

My Thoughts:

I very much enjoyed the book, i liked the way it was written in the style of a true story. It reminded me of the Autobiography of "Tisha" The story of Anne Hobbs who was a young teacher who went to the wilds of Alaska make a difference. It also reminded me of the story of the nun who worked as a missionary in China, sh led 100 children to safety and was part of the unbinding of the women's feet. Forgive me if i can't recall the name of the book or the lady it was about.

I very much like reading about people who gave up everything to go and work in remote places against all odds to make a difference.

I give this book a 5/5

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