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Friday, 16 November 2012

Dog Sitting

This next week will be an interesting one.

I am dog sitting for a lovely friend of mine. The dog i will be looking after is a German shepherd. It does raise a chuckle, the thought of him with Yoda a long coat Chihuahua. The size difference is massive. Yoda is only 6 and 1/2 months so far and not fully grown so there is a bigger difference than with an adult.

Things are going well so far, they were introduced slowly. We had a bad moment when sharing treats, i had Yoda in my arms and knelt down so they were on the same level. Marley wanted Yoda's treat as well as his own. Something that's fairly normal for dogs, they don't really want to share treats.

Today we went for a walk to the local field and they were both let off. it was great to see both of them chasing after the Frisbee. My friend joined us with her 3 dogs and they all played together nicely for a while. It was very wet on the field though so we didn't stay long. It was back to mine for a cuppa, well deserved too!

That was when things got a little trickier.... Marley was trying to play with the puppies in the house, something a little difficult since my living room isn't the largest and i have lots of furniture in there. Then we had the jealousy too when i had all the small dogs on my lap- Marley wanted to come too. Not possible you say, and i agree with it. But the dogs thought they could fight a little. Things got a little tense when Marley snapped back.

It seems that i have loyal friends in all of them, and they all want me to have them as my favourite.

I thought it was only my little baby that was jealous. I feel most honoured by this, and don't know what i have done to earn this love and loyalty to them. if anything i am very strict on them and insist on impeccable behaviour.

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