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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dragons: real or myth

A creature i have loved for a long time is Dragons, particularly Gold dragons. I feel a connection to them. Some say this is silly because they are only mythical creatures and from stories. Some say they really existed but is times gone by. There are those anthropologists who say that we have evidence of their real existence from living animals now, as they have developed over thousands of years. and there are another group of people who believe that out there somewhere remote dragons do actually live.

I personally am not bothered by anyones thoughts or beliefs on this, i like them and think of them as strong protectors in my life.
The picture below is how i see my protector in my minds eye.

Admittedly this is a little more cartoon like than i really see but having looked through countless pictures on the Internet this is the closest i could find. If i had some skill in drawing i would do so myself and upload that, but people who know my would agree i can't draw for toffee.
I call her darling. During my meditations i talk to her ask her to watch over me and guide me in life with all the decisions i make. I like to think that i don't go far wrong. but as with everything i do have a very strong will and i know i do go the wrong way from time to time. but eventually i get back on course and pootle along quite happily.
So any readers out there; what are your thoughts on dragons, and do you have an animal that you feel strongly connected to as a guide.
 I look forward to your comments,
C x

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