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Monday, 26 November 2012

Mums on strike day 2

This is day 2 of my strike and things have moved on quite a lot. Daughter was basically ignoring the fact that i was not doing anything, and getting on with things the way she wanted to. I knew this would be the case as she is as stubborn as me, and when she has started the proper teen years we will have some major clashes.

Son came home and went told about it he was pretty much the same, except he said he would last longer before giving in. My response was basically we'll wait and see. I know that despite his stubbornness (yes they both get that from me) he will give in quite quickly.

True to form it came to dinner, Daughter made herself a packet of noodles- something she had asked for specially. I only occasionally allow it as i feel its too salty. Son went to make himself a packet of pasta- the type where you add the water and cook it, the sauce is in it already. He started making it and an argument ensued over a measuring jug.
Once daughter had cooked her noodles i went to make my jacket potato and salad. Son came over, gave me a big hug and said he couldn't cope with it. He was sorry and would start helping. "Please mummy come off strike" he sobbed at me.

This ended quicker than i thought. The compromise has so far been drawing up a new rota. And for each set chore they have we have each signed it so there is no arguing that they didn't agree to it.
I added that for every chore they do i will do something but if i see them not doing what they agreed to and helping with extra bits when i feel too bad, then i will stop too.

Today daughter came home and looked round the living room- "Why is it so messy in here mummy?"
Yoda had been tearing paper up, dragging things all over the floor. My answer was simply "Neither of you have done any chores so far, therefor neither have i." Daughter was not impressed!!

I wouldn't say i am now not on strike, but things have eased and a few things will get done.
Watch this space.


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