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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Mum is on strike Day 1

Over the last week things with the children has been awful. Their behaviour over hepling and attitude with rudeness has got to the point where it was the straw. So today after being told by youngest that i am a lazy mother i decided to take action.
The normal punishments of grounding and taking things away, stopping all privileges and early bedtimes have no results at all. I am adopting an attitude of a mother i read about in America. Its drastic and many people were up in arms about it, but after a week her children suddenly sat up and noticed and the shock tactics worked.

As of today i am on complete strike. I will literally do nothing for them, apart from Opticians for Rhys as he has to go with an adult tomorrow.

Now up to this point i have instilled a lot of Independence into my children as they can manage simple cooking, they know how to use the washing machine and they do take themselves to school and back. So for the first few days they will be OK and won't starve.

I am hoping that the shock will really kick in when they can't get to gym, or when it is tipping down and they will get soaked on the way to school.
Although they can wash their clothes they never bring them downstairs so they will run out of them soon enough and the biggest thing of all is the dishes- we have already used most of them before the weekend and all this really started. I'm estimating we have a couple spoons and side plates left until they are all spread on the kitchen side dirty.

The news of my strike has gone down like a lead balloon and they are arguing over who's fault it is- so far no changes.

I will keep my readers updated on the daily changes (if there are any) now i am off to make myself some dinner and get myself a drink.

Good evening all

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