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Monday, 1 October 2012

Yoda's competitions

Yoda is doing well at the moment. I entered a competition recently for some doggy treats. It was your basic like a page then share it. Not thinking I'd get anywhere i did it as i do many others. To my surprise when i read the list of winners my name was there. I had to read it twice to be certain i wasn't seeing things.

Today things got even better. It was our first Match Night at Ring craft. We go here every Monday evening as its good socialisation for dogs, and for us as owners. It also teaches the dogs how to behave in the show ring, and to let lots of different people handle them. Each week the routine is slightly different, one week it will be purely ring craft, which is practise, another week will be Knock out. This is where two dogs are put up against each other and the winners owner has to judge the next two dogs until the end and an overall winner is found. With the exception of Match Night the dogs also earn points which are carried forward to the end of the year- I'm not entirely sure what happens then but I'll find out.
Anyway back to tonight, our first Match Night. Yoda was not on his best behaviour, he going through his teenage stage right now and not really willing to listen properly. He's also very gangly legged and walking like a gangster (if you can imagine how they bowl along, that's what he's doing). Add to this the teething which means his ears are flopping over at the top he looks quite a state. The best bit about him is his gorgeous eyes (admittedly with some tear staining from teething) and his coat is in a fabulous condition.
 Tonight he decided standing on the table was OK, and didn't really try to escape, but walking up and down and then in his circle was not happening nicely. He was leaning at an angle away from me the whole time, he was also pulling on the lead. This isn't normal as he can do it perfectly. And at home in the garden he doesn't even need a lead.

Despite all of this look what we came home with:
I am so proud of this as it is his first rosette. It will take pride of place on his board where i hope we will soon be adding lots more to it.
I have to give lots of thanks to his breeder who has 1. Given me this wonderful new family member, 2. Has helped me so much with learning about showing dogs and allowed me to come along to ring craft with her, and 3. Is really just such a fantastic friend in general. I wouldn't have been able to start on this road without her.

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