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Monday, 29 October 2012

Sleepover results.... Happy half term

It is now the morning after the night of the sleepover.... and what a night it was, girls finally went to sleep around 1am, followed shortly after by an exhausted me.
Son was complaining all evening that he was on his own and had nothing to do. The girls were noisy but had fun and i was stuck in the middle trying to keep my sanity :-)

Then came today. I heard something while it was still relatively dark but couldn't be bothered to check the time, by 8 am and the wails of daughter from the bathroom i realised it was son getting up so early. Daughter was wailing due to being sick, at same time she was sitting on the toilet! Her friends were looking very concerned asking what was wrong.
The morning continued like this while i changed our plans for the day by alerting the parents and arranging early drops home.
In the meantime I'm also trying to sort an appointment for the cat at the vets as he's become ill over the weekend, sneezing mucusy blood last night.
By breakfast time I'm trying to sort 2 girls, son and myself with food, the phone rings and daughter is ill again.

It can only be half term.

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