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Saturday, 27 October 2012

What have i let myself in for

To me half term never really starts until the evening of the sun when the children break up, that is when i start to relax. I have then generally done the uniform washing and got the children to make sure they know exactly what homework they need to do, and to have started some of it.

This weekend because of a Halloween party at their gym we haven't done that, and tomorrow afternoon i have arranged for Daughter to have 2 friends round for a sleep over. So instead of relaxing and thinking yippee half term has started, I'm going to be trying to keep them from creating havoc.

"What have i done?"- i ask myself. I have enough trouble managing when one friend comes for a sleepover, now i have arranged two, and i know that its going to end up with a '3's a crowd' situation at some point. I have nothing arranged to do with them, and i don't think daughter has- she's been too busy planning her outfit for the party.

Come Monday evening when the girls have gone home and we have done our normal Ring craft time i am going to be exhausted. I can't imagine the girls going to sleep much before midnight if at all, and they are bound to be up at the crack of dawn giggling away. I think i may end up getting my evil mum head on to deal with them.

Wish me luck x

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