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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Gymnastics for children

I don't think this is something that i have written of before, so i will regale you with it now.

Daughter with her Level 1 and the Bronze part she recently earned. 
My daughter has been doing gymnastics now for about 2 years. We started off with 1 hour a week and after about 6 months this increased to 2 hours a week. She has worked her way through her badges from Level 8 down to Level 1 and is now Working on Bronze to gold, so far we have a certificate for Bronze vault and something i don't pretend to understand. There are still some sections of the bronze to earn though. She used to come home telling me of all the things she'd tried doing and how much she enjoyed it.
Its not been without its worries though, since doing gym she's been up to casualty with a sprained ankle, sprained wrist and the most recent a fractured thumb! Combine that with my sons trips up there they will soon be worrying about the care i provide for my two.

Anyway, over the last few months the training increased to 4 hours a week ( 2 lots of 2 hours) and in the last 2 weeks, 3 sessions a week. It has now got to the point that i stay for the sessions, as it would be costing me a fortune to travel too and fro in rush hour 3 days of the week.
So far she is doing so well that we've been told she will do competitions next year if she wants, so as it stands shortly after Christmas we will be buying her her first competition leotard. Something that i am so excited about. Her first full gym track suit is on order so she will be wearing this to gym and to the competitions once they start.
Its all go in our house in the evenings now, at least it gives me 2 hour blocks to get on with some craft sewing or knitting.

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