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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Review of: Time Bomb by Nicholas Cross

This is the latest book i was requested to review.


This is a story about a man named Martin Short who has chosen to live a safe, conventional life. He has allowed himself to feel content for many years, secure in the certainty that he has made the right choices.
Martin’s life begins to unravel when a flamboyant Italian playboy named Giorgio moves in next door to him. His existence is a slap in the face for Martin, an undeniable example of happiness and joie de vivre.
Martin begins to become obsessed with Giorgio and starts to entertain paranoid delusions. He convinces himself that Giorgio is a malignant beast, plotting to destroy him. His orderly life starts to fall apart with hilarious consequences.
But underneath the funny lunacy of Martin’s irrational hatred for Giorgio lies a very serious problem. Something that Martin has locked up inside himself for a very long time. Martin has a secret so weird that he has managed to forget it.
Eventually, in the grip of madness, Martin decides that Giorgio must die. But Giorgio is not going to be easy to kill…
My thoughts-
The author describes himself as having a unique style of seeing things and way of writing. Well... I would have to agree with him there.
This is not a book that i could read in one go, it was one that i found i could put down and when thinking about reading a book was more of a "do i want to read more of that now" scenario. I normally have a personal choice book and a review request book on the go at the same time. This one i found i had to persevere with, and unless i am lacking in a few braincells i found it hard to link all the pieces together at times. Unless this was the purpose of the story, i find i don't really enjoy this style of writing. All the elements were there, but something about it was disjointed. Then again maybe this was the point considering that the main character in the novel ends up with a disjointed life.
I think this is one book that has to be specifically chosen by the reader as your own sort of book, not one that anyone can just pick up and enjoy for leisure.
I give this book 2/3 out of 5 of my stars.

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