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Friday, 5 October 2012

More trips to A+E

Last night was yet another trip to A+E! This time with son. He's been tripped up at school and had hurt his knee after hitting it on metal railing and then landing on the concrete on it. This time we were up there for 3 hours, He had an X-ray and said leg was pulled and poked about a lot to check for things shifting. Luckily there is nothing broken and its a sprain. So crutches handed out and advised the keep off it for the next week at least, then start with small pressure we came away. £4.10 lighter for the parking.
This trip comes 3 weeks after Daughters trip for fractured thumb. I'm beginning to think that if they keep seeing my two children up there they will start asking questions. I think in the last year we have managed to knock up over 10 visits between them and single handedly added an enormous sum to their parking charges. I want my own space and seat in the waiting room now.

To make the day worse, when son arrived home he said the accident happened at break time in school and he'd been to see the nurse at lunchtime. she dismissed him and said he'd be fine. I was not informed and no records were filled in!! Needless to say i e-mailed the school as soon as we were home from the hospital and have spoken to the school and told them i am fuming with the way it has been handled. Having been a child minder and done a first aid course i know where children are concerned you need to record everything and check them out even if it is nothing. The form teacher is understanding of my anger and has promised her will be contacting the head direct about it and i will be copied in on any e-mails and be kept informed of what is going on. They are very lucky that it is only a sprain, had there been a chip in his knee cap, or something shifted out of place in the knee they could have been in very serious trouble. I understand that children have accidents at school and i don't molly coddle my children, but while in the care of school i expect and accident such as this whether deliberate by another child or my son just not looking where he was going to be recorded and i should have been informed. Not have him walk home on his leg and find out by seeing him arrive in tears.

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