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Monday, 3 September 2012

The latest addition to our family

I thought it was about time i got round to introducing the latest addition to our family.
His name is Yoda, he is a long coat Chihuahua and will be 18 weeks old in 2 days. This photo was taken by a gentleman called Mike Jackson!/MikeJacksonPhotography
at the Naturally Pets Fun Dog show. It was Yoda's 2nd show and he was brilliantly behaved.
Lets hope as he gets older he will win lots of rosettes and continue to improve as quickly as he is now.


The picture below is of Yoda's mum Maisie. She is also a long coat Chi and has won over 100 Rosettes and awards. She is a wonderful specimen of the breed and is so good natured and has been such a brilliant mum. My daughter used her on Sunday for the Child handling class and won 2nd place. This was only her 2nd show so she's doing really well. Lets hope Yoda turns out to be as wonderful as his mum.
All i can say is that with his mum and the breeder he has had a wonderful start to life. e continues to see his breeder regularly and she assures me he is doing really well.


Either way, whatever happens in the future, we have a loving and gentle pet who so far is providing us with hours of fun and plenty of distractions. I will keep everyone updated on Yoda's progress in the show ring and how high he reaches.

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