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Thursday, 6 September 2012


My Little Yoda has discovered he can escape from the garden through a few holes in the "fence".

I say that in the loosest terms because its a mixture of "fence" in the form of chicken wire, and a form of hedge. I think in fact it was originally a fence of chicken wire type material and the then the hedge was grown on my side of it. But over the years more trees and bushes have been planted and the fence has been damaged.
Until now it hasn't mattered- now however with a small escape artist around it does matter.
today he escaped twice, luckily he is fairly well behaved and came back within a few mins with lots of coaxing and trying to get his attention with treats.
Now the holes have scaffold boards in from of them in the hopes that it will put him off. Immediately after putting them there he did try to escape and looked all confused when faced with a board.
His little face was saying- "that wasn't there before"

We'll see how long it lasts and in the meantime i have to look for an affordable solution. I certainly can't afford 160ft of proper fencing. This would also mean hacking back lots of bushes and hedging, or losing 3ft in some places in width of the garden- something i think the landlord will not like.

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