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Monday, 17 September 2012


You may probably gather from this post i am back on line! I can say i have missed this and reading my friends blogs i follow.
I report a fault on my phone line last week and have now had it fixed. I have to admit as much as i don't like BT for things they have done in the past they were great today.

My time slot was 8am-1pm. The man arrived at 9.15 and was very nice, he checked everything out and said there was a problem with my line outside. I expected him to say he'd have to come back but to my surprise he said he was off to fix it! An hour later and voila- he was done. I now have a new line from the pole to my house and have my phone and internet working. I'm a happy bunny, i have missed sharing my thoughts- i know they may be boring to most, but i find it cathartic.

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