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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Catching up

I spent a lovely day today with an old friend of mine.

We have been friends since i moved to the UK when i was 12, and despite our arguements and changes in our lives we still get on really well.

What with busy lives and illness and work and children we haven't actually seen each other in over a year. Terrible to know that it had got so long. But despite this we had a great time catching up, and laughing at Yoda. She was made up with him and he charmed another person into changing their mind about his breed. Before meeting him she admitted that she had thought of them as ankle biters! Yet she said he is the most adorable and calm puppy ever, she now wants one of her own. WEll done Yoda i say.

The sad thing about not seeing each other for so long is the changes we have missed. She has been suffering stress with various things and the same with me, we've always understood each other and been there for each other. I was there when she had her 1st baby, she when i went through both of my divorces, she's helped in so many ways in my life and vice versa.

We made a sort of pact today that we will make more of an effort to get together more often, we won't leave it so long. After all she only lives down the road and with the children getting older its easier to get together.

I am really looking forward to our next visit and the laughs we will be having.

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