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Friday, 21 September 2012

Online dog competitions

I have entered my gorgeous puppy into an on line dog competition. The following photo's were my final choice for his categories.

The picture to the left i chose for the Most appealing eyes class.

Below is entered in the Best comedian class

This picture to the right in his best pose i have entered into 3 classes, Best Pedigree, Best puppy and Most Handsome Dog.
I am now keeping my fingers crossed for the 9th of October when the results come out. So far he hasn't won a rosette, but we keep training and trying.
This Sunday we are going to a charity dog show for Progeria, the young lady whose family are running it live in our town and Hayley (a progeria sufferer) is a fabulous young girl. I am really looking forward to going. That will be another show i will be keeping my fingers crossed for. Yoda will be bathed on Saturday evening and i will be taking his grooming kit with me to ensure he looks his best. I am just hoping that this time it doesn't rain. At the last outdoor show we attended it started raining just after we arrived and by the time we had the class for the waggiest tail he didn't want to go and play. This is normally not a problem for him, he wags his tail so hard his whole bottom wiggles. so much that my Nana has nicknamed him wiggly bum.
so everyone please keep us in your thoughts on Sunday, i will endeavour to take pictures and let you know of the outcome as soon as i can get the pictures on my laptop.
Take care for now xx

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  1. I love the "Most Appealing Eyes" photo! He looks so cute! How could you not let him win!!! Really looking forward to Sunday!! I really hope he wins something as he does deserve it, and you are both trying so hard. Give Wiggle Bum a hug from me!! XX