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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Ouch.... still

Yes thats right my bum is still very painful. After my lovely fall on the rocks it it damaged in some way, or certainly feels like it. Mum decided it was a good idea to go to A&E while i was up there for my MRI scan on sunday. So we sat there for the usual immensly long time and finally saw the Dr. His answer- not worth x-raying as even if fractured they won't do anything and i would just wait the 6 weeks ish for it to heal up. NOT good enough for me i'm afraid. I'm fed up with being fobbed off by the dr's now. My GP on the other hand is great but the specialist ones seem to think that they can say what they want.
So i insisted on an x-ray. Back into the waiting area for another hour before having it done, only to argue with the radiographer that i couldn't lie down on a flat hard bed. Couldn't even do so on my memory foam bed at home! So finally they took it standing up. Back off to waiting area i went for antoher eternity.

We finally got called in again and Dr said he could tell whether there was damage or not. Great!!! What now?! He wasn't sure what to do with me. I'm standing there telling him something is wrong as i know dues to the problems i've had for past few years. I know what the area feels like when standing sitting and if it touch it. Finally he decided he owuld refer me to the fracture Clinic. I am going this fri am and we'll see what the dr's there say. I won't be fobbed off though, not any more. I've been told now that the Coccyx is at least 2 inches away from the spinal nerves so i know they can do something. A physio has also told me its not as dangerous as they make out to do an op and remove it!

In the meantime i've been living on high pain killer and anti inflamitories, needless to say i've been doped out of my heat, shaking and sweating like crazy. Not able to sleep with pain and i've been talking rubbish at times.

I am deliberatly not doing a spell check on this so you can see just how bad i'm being right now. Have a good laugh, i ceertainly have been when i say things wrong or trip over something that not there.

This is what your coccyx should look like- tucked under and slightly moveable. Mine however was tucked out and fused so it didn't move. Now however it feels all gratey and  different.

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