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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

It started as a lovely Beach visit with the dogs.....

Last night with daughter at gym we arranged to go down the beach with our dogs (I will often refer to my friends dogs as 'our' since they live with me, but they do not belong to me) and a friend from gym who has 2 spaniels. It was lovely and sunny yesterday so we thought rather than sitting at gym for 2 hours again tonight we could have a good time on the beach and the dogs would love it. Also the 2 boys would get away from the computers and they enjoy each others company.

Despite the weather being overcast we duly went with 6 dogs to the beach. We must have looked a rag tag bunch. Friend and son were sensibly attired in wellies and the rest of us in trainers! Needless to say they got dirty and wet quickly. An odd bunch of dogs- 2 spaniels, 3 chi's and a chi x pug. Non the less we were there having fun and watching the dogs run around like loons
The Chi's
The chi x pug

Friends Spaniels.

The boys had a great time looking in all the rock pools, finding crabs and star fish. Jumping over the rocks and clambering up the banks by the beach. Us adults just relished the relaxation and marvelled at how this is the life. Chilling out on the beach with the dogs. Watching them have fun without the constriction of leads. The followed their noses, galloped through the water and pools, over the rocks and got filthy.
Its was such a shame that the worst had to happen.....
Yes i fell over. I slipped on the rocks and came crashing down with a huge thud on my bum. Not even worth mentioning other than for a laugh if i were a normal person, but as my followers will know i have a number of conditions that mean knocks and viruses and stuff make it more challenging for me. Landing as i did will no doubt set off my Fibro, it jolted right through me. But the worst part of it is i have Coccydemia. My coccyx is fused to my lower spine at an angle where it sticks out. This isn't the norm for most people. and if it does stick out the average joe can have a routine op to tuck it under. I have been for that op and all they could do is inject me with a pain reliever. This worked for 6 months in the 1st instance and in the 2nd had no effect at all.
So here i am, having landed right where it is probably the worst for me to and i'm now at home trying to find a comfortable way to sit or lie. It doesn't matter as its not working. once the bruising and swelling goes down i may be able to have a feel and see if anything is damaged, so far as far as i can feel it does seem different, but then the area is always swollen and now even more so.
And why is it that normally really comfy and soft cushions seem like rock when you have pain anywhere???
Despite this i had a lovely time and look forward to hopefully doing it again maybe on friday- weather permitting and friend and children coming over. We will have to wait and see. Until then i will be nursing a very sore bottom and avoiding too much driving or standing around.
C x

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