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Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday fun

This Bank Holiday was fun most of the time. Daughter was in Nottingham at a Napoleonic Re-enactment with her dad, Son was with his grandparents for a couple of nights. For the 1st time in months i had some well deserved time off.
So what did i do with that time you wonder. Not very much in the end. daughter didn't go til saturday afternoon and it was raining so not nice for going anywhere. Friend and I watched Angel Season one back to back (well almost all of it).

Sunday was show time again, this time we were off to a local fun show nearby. My baby came 5th in Best Condition class.

His sister came 2nd in the AV Non Sporting Class, the winner of that class eventually went onto be the Best in Show winner for the pedigree side. So she did very well.

In Addition to this i came home with another present.

Yes a bad case of sunburn, silly me forgot to take sun cream. I blame the fact that its one the fist sunny days we've had this year and i'm not in the habit yet. Once at Mums house she provided me with relief of after sun, and the redness continued to come out! We had a lovely roast beef dinner cooked for us by mum while we relaxed for a bit and the dogs went mad in the garden.

When we came home i finished off one of the craft i've started for our fairs. I've been making squeaky dog bone toys. I'm hoping they will go down well with other dogs. My baby loves his so much he ripped the seam open with too much playing.

Along with the tuggies that I already do i'm trying to think of more toy idea I can make. Crafty Claires (my venture with my good friend Claire) is also making dog blankets and beds too with a patchwork theme. So far all the bedding has been made out of fleece. All the doggies that have tested the toys and blankets have loved them so fingers crossed this grows and more doggies become aware of what we make and benefit from hand made blankets and bed.

Today was not such a great day. Although the sun was shining, i was having difficulty wearing anything so i stayed home. I did however manage to get 2 loads of washing on the line. Also had the bright idea (not) of cutting the edge of the grass with shears!!!! Yes i am an idiot. My arms still feel like lead and don't want to work. I felt sick after that so decided a lie down would be a good idea, cue 3 hours later and friends dog jumping on me to wake me.

I've had dinner cooked for me and am feeling slightly better, but i think this evening will be more of the same- sitting and watching tv or dvd.

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