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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Big Thank you

Although i always have my problems health wise i have been much better till my fall last week. I had forgotten how much i still need the help as i'd been managing so well on my own.

Now i want to say a big thank you to some people who have helped me out such a lot over the last week.

My good friend Nat, who has now officially moved in. not only has she kept things running in the house, she's cooked almost every meal, made sure the dogs are ok, kept the children under control and generally run up and downstairs for me when i've been in bed almost being sick through tablets.

My good friend Claire from Crafty Claires who has been there at the end of FB chat. Despite being stuck here we've made good progress on our Craft fair planning and the Crafty-claires page has been started and i've at least managed to push it and in one day get just over 40 likers for it.

Another good friend Ann who has been here laughing with me, taking daughter to gym, helping where she can despite living in kent.

Various other friends who have helped with gym run, shopping and the other tasks that have needed doing.

So here from me

   I appreciate everything you have all done for me, and i'm sorry i'm a pain in the rear for moaning about my pain in the rear.

I love you all lots xxxx
C x

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