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Friday, 26 April 2013

Yoda is 1 today!

Happy birthday to my gorgeous bundle of fur. I love him to bits. This is a little time line of his 1st year.

His whole litter

9 weeks and already cheeky

Beginning of April, 5th in Best Condition.

Early Morning Birthday Picture.


Birthday cake from Mummy Nat

Aunty Claire sent cards.

One of the toys from Nanny Mo.

I have dozens and dozens of pictures that i could include in his time line, but i wanted to keep it fairly short and put in some of the nicest. My darling still has one droopy ear, but he has lost all of his puppy teeth now, and as of sunday will be enter the show ring in older classes. No more puppy classes for us sadly, but he's to bigger and better things to come for him.


  1. Utterly adorable! Happy Birthday to your gorgeous Yoda!

    I found your message on FB and have replied. Thanks for the info xx

    1. Thanks for the wishes, have told him, he had a lovely day and the cake was gone very quickly. He and his sister shared with with his mum and aunty. They all loved it

      C x