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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow Jan 2013

My snowy garden from my bedroom window.
Now the worst of the snow is over and its starting to melt here i thought it about time to add some of our pictures to my memories. I haven't taken many as i tend to hide away from the cold due to it making me ill. but i ventured out a few times with the dog and daughter.
Yoda invetigating the snow. Daughter had thrown a snow ball at him.
Yoda helping daughter and I to make our 1st snowman in this house.
"Jessica" Fully completed. Something that daughter is very proud of.


  1. I love Yoda's coat!! It's coming down here again, just a light dusting but it looks as though it's settling which is sending me into another state of panic!

    Great photos, thanks for sharing with us.
    CJ x

    1. Thank you CJ, My friend keeps me fully provide with some wonderful coats for him, none of these Pets at home ones for us *hehe*. We have had no snow now since my post, and actually have sunshine now, its lovely and bright for a change.
      C X