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Thursday, 3 January 2013


For years i tried to keep diaries, every New Year without fail i would start a new one, meticulously writing down my thoughts and happenings of that day, i would always fill it in just before bed each night.
Then typically something would happen, i would be later to bed, or too tired and i missed a few days. A few days would turn into a week and then a few weeks, before i knew it a month would go by and i hadn't managed to write anything. In each of the gaps i would desperately struggle to remember what i had done and thought with certain situations. But by March at the latest it would be hopeless and the whole thing fell by the wayside. The last time i really tried was when my son was born, i wanted to have a permanent record for him to read when i had passed of how i felt when he was growing up, things that had happened when he was still too young to remember. He arrived during a turbulent time and i wanted to use the diary as a way of explaining some things, almost as in a letter. This particular diary lasted the longest but if i recall correctly it died a death the same as all the others by the time he was 4 months old. Considering he was born just before Christmas i didn't manage to keep it for very long.
I hoped when i started this blog that this would be a way of capturing my thoughts and happenings on a more regular basis and sharing it with my readers and friends, but the same thing has happened and i have been remiss in sitting down and doing very much in recent months.

What got me thinking about diaries and keeping one was my Nana over Christmas. I stayed with my mum and Nana for a couple of nights and one night while going in to say good night she was on the bed writing her diary, this is something she has done every night for many year. Somewhere in her room are years of books filled in daily in her scribble, telling of her thoughts of our activities through the times. I did wonder what she has written. My Nana you see is a very supportive person, she'll give her advice if you ask for it, but never forces it on you. She is very blunt and upfront when she talks to you and i imagine this is the way she has written too. I find it hard to think that she has started in the 'Dear Diary' way that we often see in books or television.
It also prompted me into wondering if many people actually keep a traditional diary these days, or if they rely just on blogs or notes to record their life.

Without the traditional diary that was at one point a daily activity particularly for girls and women we would not really have as clear an idea of social history and daily life. They give us such an insight into activities, thoughts during a certain time, fears and worries and how people coped. I don't like to think that one day all of this will be lost.

I do however know, that my Nana's diaries will be kept as a record of her part in our lives and maybe one day i may bring myself to be able to read them without feeling that i am snooping into her privacy. The one part of her life that i would dearly love to know more about is when she was younger. She always tells the same stories and occasionally we get some other good snippets coming out, but without a specific day or event to ask about its difficult to get her to talk about herself as she's not much of a talker really.

So as one of my aims for the New Year, i will be logging here and talking away about more of the events in my life. At least in this way my children will have a record of events and thoughts. And in my small way i am keeping a record of life in the 21st century for those who come after me.
Scary thought there to end my evenings visit.

Happy New Year all


  1. Will look forward to reading your more regular blogs! So what are your other aims then?

    1. I decided i will try and create an individual blog for each aim.