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Monday, 28 January 2013

Not again- so much pain

Its happened again, so far i've been in a fibro flare up since sat. I wasn't too bad in the morning, but by afternoon the flu like symptoms had kicked in and i was hurting all over. Anything touching my skin made it feel as if i was on fire and whatever was touching me was freezing. Going to sit on the Toilet seat was the worst. You know its going to happen, but the shock of it hitting your system is unbearable.

My lower back cracked really badly this morning and that is now only painful, but upper back and neck are still agony. I've been downing painkillers regularly, but to be honest they don't even take the edge off. I just take them i guess in the hope that they will.

This is a condition that despite having people around who also suffer, still makes you feel very lonely. You can describe to someone how you feel, but no-one really knows.

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