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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Doggie Sleep over and shenanegans.


Tonight is an exciting night, Yoda is having a sleep over with Auntie Pippi here. We are also looking after her tomorrow for the day while Yoda's mum goes to a show with his sister.

Pippi and Yoda.
So far its been an interesting night. While her mum was still here Pippi and the others got out of the garden and through next door and into the road out front. They were shouting at a man across the road and a few doors down.
This is despite mum and myself spending 2 hours trying to secures as much of the border as possible. They have still found holes to get through.
Luckily i have a man looking at the rest of the work that needs doing tomorrow am with a view of doing the work on Wednesday. Fingers crossed it all works out. From this evening on all the dogs will have to be on a lead when they go for their business. Something that i think is unfair to them as they can't run around as they should do.
So in keeping with my aim of being more organised i have done some long overdue bits to the garden, and have arranged someone to look at it. That's 2 items off my list. Tomorrow its on with some more.


  1. What adorable dogs..what kind are they and are they close in age?

    1. Thank you for your comment Joyce.
      The little dog is mine and called Yoda, he is 8 months and a Long Coat Chihuahua. Pippi is my friends and she's almost 8 yrs old, shes a chi cross pug. Yoda was born to my friends LC Chi who has just turned 3, he also has a sister who is black, tan and white. They are gorgoeus pets and friends to us. We are constantly in hysterics over their antics and expressions.