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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Blog frustration

I decided it was about time to update the look of my blog last night...... i wish i hadn't started. for some unknown reason i cannot get it to look the way i want. Other people have done it so i know its possible, but despite going into every possible section of the template and settings and so forth i still can't do it.
Three hours later at 1am i called it a night and having spent lots of those hours talking to myself and muttering words of frustration i left it at what i had done. It doesn't really look any different and i'm not happy.

Today i had an e-mail from TOTS100 asking me to update my details and my button. They have done something to their ranking system so off i went trying to remember how i got it on my page in the first place. Another hour and a bit later and i finally managed to do it. but i couldn't get it where i wanted to. I tried all sorts, moving the <div> code thingy around the HTML programming page and it wouldn't do it.

I know i'm not great with these things, but i didn't think i was that stupid. Now i really feel i am.

All i wanted was to put a photo at the top of my blog to personalise it a bit more. Looks like i won't be unless someone can come and do it for me!


  1. it looks wider than before and didn't you hav e stuff down the right hadn side too? or am I thinking of mine?Have to talk to N

    1. Have changed it to all down one side and widened. May have to, have described and N is trying to work out too lol