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Monday, 6 August 2012


Moving is a tiring business. But i feel its rewarding too. Its a time for new starts, clearing out rubbish and having a really good tidy up. Or at least it normally is.

I am Having a problem clearing rubbish out at the moment. I have lots of items for sale on Facebook on a local sale page, some of it has gone but i have a lot more to go. I don't want to take it with me when i move, but at the same time i also don't want to give it all away for nothing as some of it is worth some money at least, i may not be much but its still something.

This move has been a quick one, i looked at the house less than 2 weeks ago and am picking the keys up on Friday!!! Then Sat I'm at a craft fair and Sunday I'm hosting my best friends 30th birthday BBQ in the garden at my new house. There won't be much there but we're moving the most important things in on Friday and Saturday night.

I never do things by halves. My last event for the museum is on Thursday night, plus the move and the BBQ and then no sooner will i have moved i then have my daughters 10th birthday party. At least that is in a hall, so the fact that the house is covered in boxes won't matter.

I have a few surprises for both the children and i can't wait to see their faces. They are going to be so happy and as a family things are going to change quite a lot with this move.

All i can do is keep packing and get the next 2 weeks over with. Then we can star tot get settled into a new routine, and it definitely will be a new routine.

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