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Saturday, 4 August 2012

30 facts challenge

My best friend is turning 30 this year and completed a 30 facts blog, she has in turn challenged her friends to do the same, so here goes my attempt.

1. My short term memory is very poor due to my Fibromyalgia. This causes many problems with me saying- i did say "Blah, blah, blah..." or "No you never said or did such and such". It doesn't even help to write things down because i forget to do that too.
2. I have moved 29 times in my 35 years. and it will very soon be 30!
3. I hate tidying up and cleaning at home, but have no problem doing it for someone else.
4. This like this are very hard for me as i never feel i have anything interesting for other people to want to know about.
5. I love antique fabric in any form.
6. I love having friends and family over for dinner and cooking huge meals.
7. I would love to be an events organiser (not just voluntary as i am currently), but currently my health won't allow it.
8. I am seriously independent and feel guilty about having to ask anyone for help. To the extent that i will push myself to breaking point and get told off by my mum for being so stubborn.
9. I try to live my life with no regrets. I may make mistakes but i will apologise and try to learn from them and move on. Life is for living and enjoying, not for looking back and wishing you had done things differently.
10. My pet hate is paperwork. i have piles of it in far too many places around my house, to the extent that i can't find anything. I know i need to be more organised, but never seem to be able to get there.
11. I think the Internet is a time waster, yet i am completely hooked. Particularly on Facebook.
12. I am an only child.
13. I am really enjoying and getting into the spirit of the Olympics this year, so are my children. This is a first for me as i am not a person who watches any sport on the tv. I watch my children at their clubs and that is it.
14. I lose interest in things quickly once i get bored with them.
15. My biggest weakness is craft things. I buy them with a view to making whatever they are for and more often than not i don't get round to doing anything with them.
16. When i started this blog it was with an aim of making a daily record of my interests and activities, it started well and then it all slipped and the posts became less and less. I am aiming to change that. So much is happening at the moment i would love to record it all.
17. I can't handle the cold or too much heat. I don't like wind either. I am very fussy about what weather i like, and living in the UK i never seem to get the weather i love.
18. I love driving on my own with my favourite cd on and singing really loudly.
19. I recently had my first singing lesson, i will be having more once the children are back at school after the holidays.
20. I have been called an army brat in the past. My dad was in the army for 20 years and i am very proud of this.
21. I spent much of my former years living in Belgium, i loved this country and the people there. The education was superior to ours here and there are still things i miss about being there.
22. As a child i used to play the clarinet for a few years, something i had to give up when moving back over here.
23. I am an incurable romantic, i love happy endings and love stories.
24. I should be finishing off a Patchwork Quilt or packing for my move instead of writing this!
25. When visiting the beach i can never leave until i have found at least one stone with a hole through it. It doesn't matter how large or small it is (as long as it can be brought home). This is something my ex-husband started when he told me of how they used to be used in Celtic times and since then i always look for them, i have a very large collection on them.
26. for the 1st time ever i have managed to keep a big secret from my children for over 3 months now. There have been many times when i or other people have almost let it slip, but luckily no-one and particularly i haven't. Not long to keep it for now either. Thankfully, as i'm getting very excited about seeing their reaction.
27. I can't drink or read a book or magazine in the bath. Lots of people have told me how relaxing it it, but i feel sick drinking anything (soft or alcoholic) and can't hold my arms up long enough to keep my arms out of the water.
28. I have always hated dark chocolate.
29. I love crystals, depending on the time, my mood, and what is going on i use them for support and healing.
30. I have doing a home study course on Indian Head Massage for the last 5 years and still haven't completed it- proving my fact earlier about my interests shifting when i get bored. I still really enjoy it though, i just never get round to sending of for my last exam.

Hopefully you haven't fallen asleep during that and maybe this has given inspiration in some form or another.
feel free to ask question or make comments, i always read and respond to them. Good luck with your 30 facts challenge.

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