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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Almost out of time

My deadline of friday is looming and typically i was ill all of today.

The quilt is almost finished but needs it finishing touches, and i need to be able to concentrate and be accurate.

The house is still not even half boxed up!

I woke this morning to a huge headache- no idea why but it made me feel bad all day. All i wanted to was to be able to get up and carry on, but no despite 3 lots of tablets here i am updating with a headache. I am still in bed. I managed to drag myself to Tesco's as we almost had no toilet roll at all. Then picked son up from free style and came straight back to bed.

Tomorrow will be sorting things for Sundays BBQ for friends 30th and hopefully finishing the quilt.

Oh well, time to get a juice and back to lying down. I've reached my limit for the time being.

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