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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Like Jerky and fruit Leathers then this is worth a read

This post is for my friends Martin and Suzie Cowley. They are fab people and make great Jerky and fruit leathers. They also happen to make the best dog treats ever! This is no understatement... As you know we feed our dogs on very high quality food. The kibble they are eating now is £35 for a 3kg bag, they also eat raw and have treats containing 90% meat. Well Cowleys Fine Foods make dog/cat treats from raw chicken dried and they fight over it. They knocked a bag to the floor the other day and we had 2 of them actually attacking each other to get to it! Not something we've seen before, so I can say that not only are the dog treats great so are the jerky's and fruit leathers (particularly the strawberry and the banana and peach ones)

Please check out this link for some details of their business and how they work

If you like what you see and hear why not help them out, I for one can promise you won't be disappointed.

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