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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Book Review: The Virgin Queen by Juliet Baranne


This book is a fable about a strong female who is queen of her world, and surrounded by female advisers and men to use and abuse as she so wishes.

It reminded me very much of the many stories of Arthur and the Round table tales. Very much an imagined world but with Amazonian type women. The queen came across as a lady who abused her power and beauty over men and controlled them using her feminine wiles.

It was a pure imagination and its only grip to reality that I could see was its loose connection to tales of the past. Not something I would pick up to read myself, but if you want to read about women in charge and getting their own way over other lands. Something to escape from the daily grind of life then it is a very light read and could be for you.

About the Author:-

The Lost Kingdom of Nan
July 2013

Hidden in the Highlands far to the north on Bangkok is the lost Kingdom of Nan. It lies on the border of Laos and the Kingdom of Siam. Nan was long a free city, but is now a province of Siam. Nan still has its own royal family and king.
Nan still has a section of its old city wall. The Siamese tell you it is 10,000 years old ! The kingdom is rich, with fertile land along the banks of the mighty river Nan. In the hills are the tribal Hill People. The Siamese see them as primitive, who still hunt in the forests. They live by making cloth in their huts and tending their garden crops.
The people of Nan tolerate poets who wander into their vale, men who are clearly a little mad. The people are kind to men of the West, and the women are lovely and graceful.
In October, the Dragon Boat races are held.  The fleet boats were once used in wars. Nan was once conquered by the king of Burma, and its people carried off as slaves.
The people of Nan honor the traditions of their fathers. Processions are held in festivals. The sound of drums thunder forth, as the people happily march through town. The temples are filled with the throngs of the devout.
Stranger, tread lightly the fields of Nan if that way you pass. The past 10,000 years sleep in the lost Kingdom of Nan.

Jerome Brooke

Jerome Brooke lives in the Kingdon of Siam. He is the consort of Jira, a princess of the lost Kingdom of Nan. He has written The City of the Mirage (BtGN) and many other books. 

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